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Our Services


Insurance Medicals 

Done by our Traveling Doctors and Nurses.

Insurance Pathology / Blood Test Requirements

Confidential Short Medical Reports (SMR's)

Lifestyle and General Health Questionnaires 

Doctor's Medical Questionnaires

Rapids Testing

Supplementary Questionnaires  

Pulmonary Lung Function Tests

Resting & Effort ECGs

All medicals done at the convenience of the client's home or work.

All our Traveling Doctors are accompanied by an Assistant Nurse.

Corporate on-site Medicals

MEDKOR is very experienced in efficiently conducting these medicals onsite as quickly as possible. The size of our Medical Team that we will despatch will be determined on the amount of clients required to be seen. Our prime objective is to always conduct these medicals in a manner whereby the workflow of your company remains uninterrupted at all times.


The screening processes will either take place in one day or over a period of a number of consecutive days. We have also found that

these procedures have the potential to boost morale amongst employees. 


The duration of a basic medical is 15 minutes per person. 

To conduct a basic medical, including bloods, and resting ECG is 25 minutes per person.

To conduct an entire medical with bloods and stress ECG the duration required per person is 40 minutes.


On-Site Drug & Alcohol Screening

MEDKOR understands the need to eliminate lapses in judgment on the job. Keeping employees focused and drug-free contributes to workplace safety and stability. The experienced and certified technicians on staff clear your workers for duty with rapid result drug screenings, protecting businesses and their employees.


To avoid falsely accusing an employee of illegal drug use, businesses often need qualified consultants to accurately interpret the cause of a positive test.

These responsibilities include:

Protecting the donor from false accusation when there is an alternative medical explanation for the positive lab result

Protecting the company as an invaluable resource on the latest substance abuse regulations and policies


To meet your specific needs as a company, MEDKOR can help you develop and implement an employee drug screening and testing program because we’re dedicated to helping you maintain a safe, productive workplace. 


Wellness Days 

Our focus is to build awareness; conduct assessments and screenings to provide discounted access to a variety of programs to support members on their journey towards total wellness. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs beforehand, to ensure a meaningful Wellness Day experience.

Fitness Assessment (up to 7500 points), Nutrition Assessment (5000 points), Vitality Check (up to 17000 points).

Screenings that are currently available;

Blood pressure, 



Waist circumference,

Body Mass index (Percentage body fat),


Eye sight,

Hearing ability,

VCT for HIV and AIDS,

Flu vaccination,

Pulmonary Function, Lung capacity Tuberculosis (TB).

Medical Surveillance 

A Prevention Strategy; Many of our industrial clients work in the presence of hazardous materials. MEDKOR conducts medical surveillance physicals to detect any potential environmental health risks caused by these materials and

limit their effects on the workforce. We can set up a survelliance program that is custom fit to your particular exposure profile.




Hexavalent chromium

Industrial waste



Petroleum products


Prevention is the best medicine. Contact our occupational health professionals today to arrange medical surveillance for your workplace!

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