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About Us


Our Traveling Doctors and Nurses reduce the timorous inconvenience that is frequently associated with underwriting, by assisting Insurance members to get cover quicker and more efficiently.


Members are often required to take time out of their already hectic schedules to visit a Doctor at a Practice or lab for their Insurance medical tests. These tests include the collection of blood samples, blood pressure readings, and the completion of underwriting questionnaires and reports. Sometime Resting and Effort ECGs and Pulmonary Lung Function tests. These onerous tasks often leave members either with reduced cover, or no cover at all until all of the insurer's underwriting requirements have been met.


Our Traveling Doctors and Nurses travel out to visit members conveniently in their homes or work premises to help fullfil all underwriting requirements.


All initial underwriting is at the cost of the Insurer therefore all our Traveling Nurses and Doctors are offered at no charge to all Insurance clients and members.






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